I was asked to be part of a project by international artist Bedwyr Williams for last June’s Barnaby festival. Bedwyr came to Pure Yoga to film and take pictures of me and the result is a stunning visual art piece that was on show at the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival last June.

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival is a biennial festival of arts & culture, which aims to enrich the town’s cultural and civic life by creating events made with and for its community, by local and international artists. The festival includes music, visual art, plays, markets and local businesses coming together to promote and support the magic of Macclesfield.

The visual art piece which I was part of is now being shown at the Barbican Centre in London, within Bedwyr solo exhibition “The Gulch”. Within the exhibition, I have been asked to offer a Yoga class on Thursday 27th of October. I will be in London sharing my practice at the Curve for a unique sold out event!

I am so happy and excited to be bringing a little bit of Macclesfield (and Yoga) to London!