Passion…a word for me that conjures many thoughts and images.

When I was reflecting upon what I to write, it came to my mind what is it I actually do and why is it I do it?

I Practice Yoga.

Is this a statement? a badge? No. For me it is an experience, a way of life, my passion! Like a lens clarifying my existence, my life. This practice has brought me health, strength and flexibility physically along with an understanding of how fragile and fleeting this physical state is. And yet, if you look at the image of yoga today it abounds with body image, ‘yoga for a bikini body’, ‘yoga for tight buns’, ‘six pack’ and worse. I feel passionate that this personal, sacred practice has been hijacked for the pursuit of feeding ego’s, vanity, body image or as a quick fix to fill the spiritual void in our daily life.

Yes there are images of me in complex postures, that ability arose from my dedicated daily practice, passion and surrender to the connection I feel with my Self. This feeling, this passion can be experienced no matter what age, physical ability or social background.

If I ask myself why I became a yoga teacher, it was to share this passion, to help reveal the benefits this timeless practice can give.

When I look into the yoga market place today, I wonder how many new teachers started from a personal practice, gained experience, felt something and then were inspired to share as opposed to wanting to become a big name, or adding another income to their fitness training c.v….