Sankalpa (sanskrit) means a conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind. A sole vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will.

Love, for me is everywhere. Infinite, unchanging. It is in us all, it surrounds us all.

The love feel isn’t a gift from someone else, it is the love that shines from within.

However, with the distractions and dramas of everyday life, we lose that connection as it becomes buried beneath the layers of persona and individual identity. Clinging to our past, hopeful or fearful of the future, we can miss the simplicity and purity of our true nature, love!

Every once in a while, something or someone can spark that love within, and maybe you spark the love in that person too.

And so it was when I first met Francesca.

We both didn’t go looking for someone. It just happened (as these things do!)

I feel we both help to remind each other of the love that lies within. A smile, a kiss, or if we’re apart, a simple message.

So why get married? I’ve been asked several times. I’m not really a follower of rules and regulations, of doing what society expects. When I asked Francesca to marry me (on top of Glastonbury1401123571679 tor), it wasn’t for any thoughts about future, it was my ultimate expression of the love I felt there and then. With Grace, this will be how we feel every morning our eyes meet on the pillow, or if we’re apart, when I feel the ring she lovingly placed upon my finger in beautiful Tuscany in front of our families and friends.

Life holds no guarantees or certainties, it is an ephemeral moment, to be embraced with passion, joy and delight!

Andrew Wrenn

September 2015, Glastonbury