Sunday 8th of November from 5.30 to 7.30 at Pure Yoga Cheshire, Macclesfield

What, in our practice and our lives, do we need to hold on to and cultivate, and what do we need to let go of? Andrew shares this workshop through his studies, his insights and his daily practice. Experience the contentment, clarity, and peace which reside within each one of us and it’s available right here, right now. Lift the veils of your perceptions and experience your full potential in life and in your yoga practice.

Using Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, this workshop draws upon the tradition of holding your practice for longer, cultivating not only strength and steadiness in the physical body but also steadiness of the mind – Dharana.

The first half of the session will involve asana, holding the postures a little longer to stimulate and strengthen, and pranayama to infuse the mind and body with life force. The second part of the session will be calming, to quieten and to restore the nervous system.

We will begin with standing postures, moving onto chest opening and backbending postures, with (possibly) inversions. Forward bends and twists will balance the practice with a quiet ending for a very relaxed Sunday evening. Finishing with a guided relaxation.

This workshop is suitable for all, from those who are just beginning their yoga journey to the more seasoned practitioners.


Drop in rate: £18

Special price for Pure Yoga members

10 class pass holders: £10 plus a stamp on their card

Unlimited pass holders: £16